Feedback on Classes

"So practical"

“The information learned from the class (Parenting with Love and Logic) was so practical. The teaching through the DVD was packed with wisdom, the workbook exercises reinforced what we had learned. The other part I really enjoyed was the class discussion and sharing. Cecil did a good job facilitating and guiding the discussion.

“The content of the class was so impactful that I bought more books to read on Love and Logic.

I highly recommend the class to all parents, I wish I had taken the class a lot earlier so I could have avoided a lotof struggles with my sons.”  

~ D. Chan, San Francisco, CA

"Dramatically changed my life"

“I recently took a great class (Parenting with Love and Logic) that has dramatically changed my life.  I had fun learning new skills to be a better mother but got so much more from the class.  The skills that I have learned were not only useful in my everyday interaction with my children, friends and family, it has changed my life in the long run.  If we have talked recently, you would have heard me rave about what I have learned.  Well, now YOU have a chance to change YOUR life.  If you know me, then you know that I am not easy to impress but this class would be it.  After taking this class, your family will not be the only ones benefiting, everyone around you will notice the changed person you will become!”  

~ Kristine, San Francisco, CA


"I have learned that in teaching and guiding my children, I should allow them to make choices of their own and not to make decisions for them.  Also, not to solve their problems for them, but to let them solve their own problems.  Will try to ask them how they are going to solve their issues.  Will try to understand and empathize their feelings.  Thank you."

~ P. O., San Francisco, CA

"We are able to share"

"What interest me about the class is that we are able to socialize with others and share."

~ C. M., San Francisco, CA

"Learned how to face lonelinesS"

"Thank you for your seminar. It was very informational and I learned how to face loneliness."

~ T. M., San Francisco, CA


I really like the classes because I've learned that we all have responsibility at home; to have better control of my emotions, how to better educate my baby, the need of children to contribute at home, and to improve communication with my husband. In general they make me think more about how to educate and love my family, without hurting them.
T.C., San Francisco, CA

"I have learned that situations in life have to be overcome in healthy ways and that you have to be positive."

~ Maria Panpos

"I really like what Cecil teaches regarding confidence, friendship, family, relationship and being sure of one-selves.  It is a great class." 

~ Anonymous

"I have learned that we need to continuously learn how to overcome the problems we encounter no matter how difficult they are."

~ Jaqueline Barrera

"What I have learned from these classes is how resolve our problems in our life and I enjoy the classes because they are interesting." 

~ Claudia Rubio

"Today I learned that we must let go of and express the negative emotions that we have had bottled up for to long.  But I also learned that it is important to take the good from negative experiences and learn from them to not commit the same mistakes twice."

~ Thania Duarte  


"I learned that creating my own life is important because we have to be able to please ourselves before pleasing other and if we don't create our own life, later on our life will literally be meaningless. I will try and push myself everyday to make myself a better person. I would like Cecil to talk about how to find a purpose in life."


"Here'S my feedback to Cecil: It was a new way of looking at relationships, supporting and challenging. The word challenge is perfectly describes the act you eagerly wish your friends for the best. Of course, we knew supporting is essential in a friendship. Thanks for explaining so clearly on decision making and the tools we can use before, during and after any decision making. Glad to have you talk to us."  


I like all the lessons and for that, I am always blessed. Thank you.

~ AT, Alpha Pregnancy Center Client

We will need more patience to deal with our children.  In disciplining them, we have decided to set some boundaries.  Some things are permissible and others are not.  Sometimes we can be angry and our children get angry also.  However, we will have to learn how to deal with anger and manage them well.  Although my attendance in class was not consistent, but the benefits I have received were plenty.  Thank you!  The lessons were great!"

~ Shaofen H., Alpha Pregnancy Center Client

I really like this class. I like that all the topics are based on the Bible and God. I totally agree with all the topics, but to put them in actions and do it, is very hard. But at least, I have all the tools. Love the classes a lot.

~ Mei Y. C., Alpha Pregnancy Center Client