Seminars and Workshops


Contact me to discuss how I can help you meet the goals of your group by delivering a workshop around particular topics. I can lead seminars and workshops anywhere in San Francisco, Oakland and the East Bay, Peninsula and the South Bay, Marin and the North Bay - and even other states.

Workshops I have delivered in the past include:


  • More than anything, we want our loved ones free to be and do all that is in their hearts! And as important as goals are, equally significant (if not more) are the daily actions and routines that promote the health to get us to our goals. We will spend our time identifying key skills and tools to make our homes a place of liberation, where everyone can move forward empowered to contribute to the wellness of the family and where everyone can pursue their individual purpose and direction.


  • Purpose: Identify what really helps us and our families thrive. We’ll look at the roots of emotionally healthy spirituality and the growth of healthier relationships, which results in greater authenticity, love, and joy!

  • Objective: Leave with a plan for achieving more of what matters most.


  • Dating is awesome and a significant step in two people growing an intimate and possibly life long commitment. But there are many challenges and dangers to navigate that require substantial levels of health and wisdom. We will identify the why, how, and what of personal transformation and development and how it empowers us for healthy dating.



Contact me to discuss how I can help you meet the goals of your group by delivering a longer life coaching course. Courses I have delivered in the past include:


What is a growth-centered family?

It’s a family that prioritizes the development of every member through growing emotional and relational health and maturity; not only of the children but also parents. This focus fosters an environment that prioritizes the building up of what matters most – an identity rooted in love, wisdom, fun, morality, and legacy.

Why growth-centered?

A growth center prevents other unhealthy centered behaviors from developing, e.g. child-centered, fear-centered, performance-centered, activity-centered, work-centered, education-centered, etc.

When emotions and relationships are growing in maturity, members of the family will have wisdom and love to get clear and go forward with what matters most. Secondary priorities will be appropriately managed but the main things (people – their hearts, souls, condition of their interior lives) will not be overlooked, forgotten or sacrificed.

Family life is incredibly dynamic and it takes a lot of wisdom and strength to successfully navigate marriage, parenting, life after kids, and grandparenting.

Being growth-centered doesn’t leave this highest priority up to chance. Elevating the value of lifelong learning simply makes sense and it will go a long way in preparing for all the storms ahead. And there is great reward and joy in making it through in one piece, intact “till death do us part”. Being growth-centered is absolutely essential to fulfill our vows of love to our spouses, our children, their children and beyond.

5 Units: Each lesson or combination of lessons can be made to stand alone.

  • Emotional Energy for Change and Growth (8 lessons)

  • Discovering and Creating Your Best for Your Family (7 lessons)

  • Foundations, Needs, and Boundaries (6 lessons)

  • Skills & Heart (12 lessons)

  • Healthy Relationships & Long Term Goals (4 lessons)

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