About Life Coaching

WHAT Life Coaching is NOT

Life coaching is not like the coaching delivered by a sports coach, who knows all the plans and directs players to execute them. In its purest form, life coaching is not counselling, consulting, or mentoring. A life coach may help you discover your need for one or more of those. However, the main goal of a life coach is to listen intently and ask powerful questions to foster and encourage clarity, decisions, and actions on what is most important to you - the client.

SO WHAT IS Life Coaching?

A process to reach your goals

First, life coaching is a way to improve your growth, goals, and the plans to achieve them – in a process that is always focused on a desired future. Being coached means to envision, to be inspired and motivated, to evaluate and implement. And ultimately, to create something incredible and new!

A method for self-improvement

Second, life coaching is a way to become better, pursuing life long learning and development, and experiencing profound, positive changes in who you are and what you’re doing.

A way to balance priorities

Third, life coaching can help you identify what is most important to you, and how you want to manage your top priorities for optimal balance. Sustained balance equals health. And health can promote greater mental strength, capacity, and flexibility. Whether in your career, personal life, or as a parent.

Life Coaching is about...


Focusing on growth in a few specific categories can give you even more clarity about what means most for you and your family. As you explore these areas of life to greater and greater lengths in the life coaching process, you will connect with the deepest parts of your heart and soul. This kind of alignment will empower you to be more intentional, creative and innovative in overcoming your greatest challenges.


Life coaching is also highly concerned with tangible outcomes. Incorporating it as part of your personal growth strategy increases the rate of your learning and transformation many times over. Coaching provides sustained encouragement, self-exploration, and accountability. With life coaching, you can ensure that you are who you want to be, and that you are doing what you want to do.

...An academically proven practice

Life coaching is a "powerful alliance designed to forward and enhance the lifelong process of human learning, effectiveness, and fulfillment”*. It’s a process that helps you tackle your highest goals with the most difficult challenges. It’s a dynamic partnership based on trust and transparency, powered by ongoing learning and application.

WHere Can Life Coaching Make an Impact?

All of life, in all that matters most to you! From emotional health to parenting strategy, willpower to leadership, personal development to professional growth - life coaching is a holistic practice that can improve all areas of your life.

Areas of particular focus for me include:

  • Personal relationships. This includes life coaching about dating and romantic relationships, friendships or other important relationships in your life.
  • Life changes. This area of coaching often touches on personal goals and the meaning of success. Clients have also worked with me on decision making, coping with uncertainty and developing the growth mindset we need to define and pursue life goals. 
  • Career. In business, whether as an executive, entrepreneur, or employee or when you start your career - or even in a job search - life coaching can help you with goal-setting and achievement, development of leadership and management, and finding the work-life balance you desire.
  • Of course, parenting and family relationships. Family life, marriage, the parent-child relationship - and parent-child bonding - can all benefit from life coaching. I've worked with parents in specific child behavior challenges, such as setting limits and enforcing them, but also deeper challenges of parenting, ie. engaging emotions and perceptions in ways that encourage uniqueness rather than conformity. My approach focuses on empathetic but firm parenting and most importantly, parental growth and maturation.

In all these topics and beyond, life coaching helps you discover and implement your organizing principle for life. Developing such a universal principle enables you to plan your life, respond to change, persevere with hope and reach your goals with long-lasting joy and fulfillment.   

Most of All: Life Coaching is Driven by You

We navigate journeys through profound difficulties to discover, learn, and act.

We seek to achieve goals that flow from deep, core desires and dreams.

Coaching fosters a clarity of values and an alignment of goals, in order to generate concrete action steps by the person being coached. That person - you - is the expert with access to the solutions. The coach works from this basis of faith. Essentially, coaching helps you live and act by drawing on who you are, so you can experience and enjoy your God given purpose.

* Co-Active Coaching (2nd ed.) © 2007 by Laura Whitworth, Karen Kimsey-House, Henry Kimsey-House, and Phillip Sandahl.