My cousin referred me to Cecil for coaching services. Since it was my first experience with coaching, I wasn't sure what to expect. Our sessions in working towards my goal of being more confident were challenging, productive, eye-opening, and engaging. Cecil provided great tools and strong metaphors, offering different perspectives in helping me make better sense of my identity, values, and purpose. As a young 25-year old woman who is still discovering her purpose and developing her identity, I am grateful for the opportunity to work with Cecil in order to continue growing and improving with clarity.

S.P., Philadelphia, PA


Working with Cecil has brought tremendous clarity in my life. We worked together for 10 months and I wouldn't be where I am without his ability to draw out and fine tune what it is I needed most to move forward in the places I felt trapped and helpless. I reached out because I was pursuing a new career and in the short span of our time, it has led me to launch and start a non-profit organization helping people in need. The value he's given to me is priceless and in this journey, I have learned more about my self than I ever did. He coached me in self-discovery, growing in performance, managing others, and most importantly the desire to have a growth centered mind. I am beyond thankful for his influence in my now thriving life.

~ Phoebe J., San Leandro, CA

"My coaching sessions were powerful"

Cecil walked alongside me during a crucial time as I transitioned from seminary into full-time ministry (Children’s Ministry). I was feeling overwhelmed and insecure, not sure how to continue going forward. There were many times when I felt like I wanted to just give up and quit. However, my coaching sessions with Cecil were powerful and so helpful. Every time we talked, I was given new insight and encouragement to keep going. We also went through the EHS course together and unraveled some of the deeper spiritual struggles that I was dealing with. The EHS taught me that sometimes in order to move forward, you have to go backwards and find the meanings in the walls that we are facing. Then we can figure out how to breakthrough and gain strength to keep moving forward.

Cecil has been a great and supportive coach; he is a great listener and encourager. Almost one year of coaching with him later, I have found that I can better accept things for how they are instead of try so hard to be in control. I have pushed myself to communicate and define boundaries so I can have a more intentional use of my time and prevent burnout. And even in times when I feel like I have nothing to discuss, we still find things that we can reflect and work on to keep things positive and moving forward.

~ Stephanie C., Walnut Creek, CA


WOW! This one word sums up what Cecil Wong for me. Cecil helped me drill down and focus in just three short sessions!

As a first time Executive Director of a non-profit Museum I was feeling beyond overwhelmed. There is so much to do as well as so much to learn. A training course for new Directors included three sessions with Mr. Wong. Not only did I feel an instant connection, he was exactly who I needed. Prioritizing was a nightmare for me because everything needs to be done NOW. Cecil gave me a great tool that actually saves me time in the long run.

But that wasn’t all! He asked me a most difficult question, “Why do you want to be the Director of this Museum?” In searching for that answer I discovered a personal ministry that I would never have found. It’s a BIG Purpose but one I choose to embrace. Thanks to Cecil when the days are especially tough, and going badly, I just remember my “Why” and it keeps me going.

Finally, it did not end after the three sessions. Cecil really cares! He has kept in contact with me. Just knowing he cares makes a real difference. I know I can pick up the phone if I really need him again. (And I will, smile).

Needless to say I HIGHLY recommend Cecil Wong. Short term, long term or somewhere in between, he really understands business and what makes those of us compelled to work tick. Thanks!

~ Leslei Fisher, Executive Director, Gene Autry Oklahoma Museum

"Powerful questions"

“During a recent career transition, Cecil coached me through determining how much my work and skill set was worth. Not just to potential employers, but to me. 

His questions led me to discovering a reasonable baseline for negotiating a fair salary, and even empowered me to give myself a significant raise. 

I wouldn’t have imagined earning my current salary just a few years ago but Cecil’s powerful questions helped me acknowledge the worth and value for the kinds of services I am able to provide others.” 

~ P. T., San Francisco, CA

"I've been able to achieve my goals"

Sometimes we just need to be asked the right questions and given a few encouraging words to get us going on the path to freedom.  One of the areas I've felt stuck for a long time has been in the area of moving forward in my business/profession and marketing via social media. Technology is intimidating in my world, and this was an area that I had no interest, nor did I have any of the skills to get started.  I felt completely stuck and my business began to decline because it became irrelevant with how businesses are marketed these days.  I felt like being asked to do 'the rope climb' in Jr. High School with absolutely no assistance.  

This is when I decided I needed some Life Coaching.  

We began with identifying the source of the issues, defining the win for the year, keeping in mind good principles to live by and having a clear vision for meeting reasonable goals.  I was asked to think of an inspiring statement which would help along the journey..."Everything will be okay." 

Cecil began walking with me and walking me through with a methodology to go beyond myself and get out of the stuck mode!

I had my homework cut out for me but moreover, I began exploring the unknown & working very hard with his assistance to develop a winning attitude and situation.

Along the journey, Cecil helped me to consider many teachable points to think through, explore and concur by being intentionally minded.

Three months later...I'm now on social media (for business and I'd like to keep it that way), I've finished building my new website which is mobile friendly and started a MailChimp email ad campaign.  So yes, I've been able to achieve my goals and then some by having Cecil walk along side me on this journey to freedom as my Life Coach.

Fist bump for my life coach! 

M.C., San Francisco, CA


"Smooth and Efficient"

"My experience working with Cecil wasn't as a direct coach of mine but more as a mentor of for youth coaching that I was starting with a program called ANTS. Cecil had been running a tennis program for K-2nd graders that was very smooth and efficient. When I came into the class all I could see was barely being able to corral the kids but Cecil already had a way to keep everyone respectful of each other and the game so that everyone could be having fun. He did this in a manner that I greatly admire in that he was the epitome of the words firm guiding hand, never overbearing but always keeping everyone moving. I truly hope that I can continue in this manner and know that he will bring this attitude and success to developing your skills!"

~ S. M., San Francisco, CA