Life Changes

"Moving me concretely towards happiness"

"Coaching with Cecil is the most effective thing I’ve found that is moving me concretely towards the happiness I long for. He has helped me to sort through the complex of feelings, frustrations, and dreams in my soul to gain clarity of what it is I really want, where I need to go, and the action points to get there. They say you can’t buy happiness but life coaching with Cecil comes pretty close!"

~ Joe P., Moorpark, CA

"pointed out where I should focus my time"

Fifteen years ago, a lonely six grader just finished his first week at Cornerstone, he had no friends and sat by the basketball court hoping the older kids won’t come to pick on him. A teacher sat down next to him and introduced himself, little did that student know that this teacher would guide him to build wonders for the next fifteen years and furthermore.

As a University of California graduate in my mid-twenties, I was bombarded with a church, a family, two jobs and three possible career paths. Although a shower of paychecks was rewarding, I had a difficult time focusing and I was easily distracted. Cecil pointed out where I should focus my time and energy and where I should not waste my effort. Within a few months, I was never more focused and achieved what I once only thought was impossible. Cecil not only guided me in the right direction but to escalate my path to new levels and I am proud to call him a friend, teacher and life coach.

~ D. X., San Francisco, CA

"I learned to prioritize"

I had no intention of pursuing a life coach to get my life in order until my brother recommended Cecil.  I was going through a lot of stress with my gift shop and the idea of closing it.  I decided to close the gift shop after 11 years and concentrate on my other line of work.  I just didn't know where to start after announcing my closure and the steps needed to close my gift shop.  That’s when Cecil came to the rescue to guide me along the way during the summer 2015.  I learned to make priorities, and actions with a time frame.  I am a person who is unorganized and always have too much on my plate, and cannot seem to accomplish my goals.  Cecil asked me how would I clear my head (using the 5 gears) and the actions for the following week.  I also had a friend who checked up on me during my closing of the shop.  Cecil would ask me what my goals would be for the following weeks and the steps to take for the week.  Surprisingly, I accomplished all my goals within my time frame.

This is a learning in progress for me and I know there will always be obstacles along the way. I am learning how to make priorities of what is important to me and to maintain balance with everything else in life.

~ D. G., San Francisco, CA

"Challenged me to set goals"

When I was connected with Cecil Wong as my leadership coach, I never imagined the depths that our discussions would touch.  Cecil gently and yet professionally helped me identify areas in my leadership role that were dramatically impacted by my personal life and goals.  He challenged me to set goals and have action plans that not only benefited my role as an executive director but also for me personally.  Who I am as a wife, mother, grandmother and especially daughter of God and Christ-follower, are also who I am as a leader of a ministry and non-profit.  Through our sessions Cecil helped me discover and connect with what my personal “best” can and should be for me, for my organization, and for the Kingdom.

~ J. P., Broken Arrow, OK

"Awesome to work with"

Cecil is awesome to work with and helps me define my most important relationships and how to improve them with wisdom from many sources. I am self motivated, introspective, creative problem solver using out of the box thinking. I have worked for the SFFD for 22 years and currently work as captain. I have owned several businesses and currently running one for over 14 years. I have realestate investments and recently trading stocks with a system I created that is doing amazing. I volunteer at Christian organizations, take kids fishing and camping. I have been married for over 18 years and have two teenage boys. I do not boast about my successes, but I do this because with all that I have accomplished I would not think I need a life coach. Now that I am working with Cecil I could not be more mistaken his knowledge, wisdom, insight is priceless to me in all areas of my life and unchains the areas in my life that I did not know I was limiting myself.

~ J. L., Millbrae, CA

"Cecil helped me prioritize"

“As a bi-vocational pastor, a husband and a father, I have a lot to balance. Cecil helped me prioritize things more effectively. Coaching has helped me move from general goals to specific actions.”

~ P. T., San Francisco, CA

"I was able to change my outlook on life"

I had never really considered taking on a life coach until Cecil Wong reached out to me. After graduating college I found myself stuck in an ambiguous spot in my life with many unanswered questions and worries about my future in this tough job market. I needed to restructure my lifestyle and plan for my short and long-term future. Knowing Cecil personally and the line of work he has experience in, especially working with youth, I knew that if anybody was to help me navigate through my difficult situation it would have to be him.

In the few months that I have worked with Cecil, I was able to change my outlook on life and figure out what mattered most to me. He took the time to listen and understand my unique situation, and we were able to pinpoint and address the root of my issues. By setting up action plans to help me reach major milestones, I am much more at peace in my life than I was just a few months ago. With Cecil’s life coaching I have transitioned from a discouraging part of my life to the most exciting point in my life thus far.

I cannot thank Cecil enough for helping me get through my post-graduate anxieties and struggles. I highly recommend Cecil as a life coach, because he has helped me reflect, mature, and better understand myself so that I can live my own life, and not a life someone else tells me how I’m supposed to live. I look forward to continuing my life coaching with Cecil as I take on new challenges.


~ S. L., Reno, NV

"Helped bring structure to my life"

“Initially hesitant about engaging a Life Coach, I am so glad I did! Cecil helped bring structure and guidance to my life at a time when I felt like I was juggling too many balls, and doing so poorly. He not only helped me discover the space and power to make my own choices, but he challenged me to see how I could live a life that brought me freedom and joy with some simple changes in perspective. And he always knew when to ask, “What would make this part of your life not just work, but blow your expectations out of the water?” So grateful to be a client of Family Connections Coaching.”

~ M. W., San Francisco, CA

"Does a fantastic job really listening and asking"

“Cecil constantly provides a great support to me as a coach. He does a fantastic job really listening and asking questions to guide a more in-depth dialogue that promotes personal reflection. His thoughtful insight and guidance empowers me to always find solutions and move forward in my personal and professional growth. He has made the coaching experience very enjoyable.”

~ D. E., Sacramento, CA

"Shows genuine care to his clients"

"Cecil's ultimate goal is to help people figure out what matters most to them. This has definitely my experience. No matter how big, small, or insignificant my issues were, Cecil is always willing to come alongside with me and coached me through. Cecil is not only an excellent listener, but he also shows genuine care to his clients. Before I had him as my coach, I was pretty stuck with both life and ministry. I wasn't sure how to move forward as well as figure things out. Today, I'm at a better place both life and ministry. Additionally I'm at a healthier place physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I highly recommend Cecil as your coach."

~ Daniel C., San Jose, CA

"A source of encouragement"

"Over this past year Cecil has been a great source of encouragement and clarity in helping me break down how to pursue my goals.  I’ve never been more aware of the inner workings within myself and they so often directly correlate to the outworking of my goals.  From areas of pursuing professional growth, straightening relationship, or achieving balance and rest, Cecil has been consistent in helping me realize the obstacles and the simple steps necessary to overcome them.  I highly recommend Cecil in his coaching as I know he will be a great source of encouragement in helping anyone reach higher goals and success."

~ Billy W., Philippines

"Gave me resources"

"A few years before, I knew Cecil only as a church leader before I knew him as a life coach. When we met up for the first time, we started talking about my goals and my vision for the future, as well as my struggles to achieve them. From there, he gave me resources to track my progress, including his full attention and patience. These resources helped me channel my focus to be even better towards achieving any short-term or long-term goals that I set, even if they are challenging. Throughout our sessions together, Cecil has taught me to be a stronger and more confident individual as I begin my journey through college."

~ K. L., San Francisco, CA