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"Cecil Wong is an innovative speaker who has a unique ability in captivating all his audiences. Cecil was a guest speaker in my Lifespan Class at California State University, East Bay. His lecture on spirituality and self-care empowered my students and I to become more intentional with how we balance work and personal life"

Dr. Aaron L. Horn

Adjunct Professor

California State University East Bay



"Good application for family and work environments. Helped me recognize ways to approach difficult situations. Great introduction linking Biblical principles and self examination of mind, body and spiritual (soul). It will help initiate ongoing lifetime changes in habit and procedures to help liberate conflicts."

"Slow down, alignment. Soulful and tool for alignment (was most helpful). (The value I took away was) to be more reflective. (I will apply) H.A.L.T. (am I or my loved ones hungry, anxious, lonely, or tired?) and re-prioritize to reflect on what's meaningful."

"I learned the importance of defining what is a happy and successful marriage. The chart with the pool of shared meaning and the perspective cartoon were most helpful. Realized there are opportunities for improvement in our marriage. Have strategies to help us work on improving our marriage. Need to define and be aligned what is a happy and successful marriage."

"We must allow ourselves to struggle so that we can fly! (I will apply this by) slowing down and being present with one another."

Testimonials from Sunset Church, San Francisco

The following are expressions of gratitude from volunteers, parents, and children of Sunset Church, San Francisco, from my time as Christian Education Director between 2009 and 2015.

“God has blessed you with so many talents. You are so gifted in relating to people of all ages. We’re grateful to you for sharing what God has taught you with the families of Sunset. Thank you for loving the Sunset families!”

“Thank you for your service. The family and I appreciate your kindness, availability, and wisdom.”

“Thank you for teaching me about God.”

“Hi! Thank you for all you do behind the scenes. You are the coolest leader I know. Thank you for being the anchor to the CE department, bringing us back to the Word.”

“Thanks for your faithfulness and love for God.”

“Thanks for always being here for me when I am in need.”

“Thanks for all your work with the kids! May you see many fruits!”

“Thank you for being my friend and playing with me.”

“Thank you for the support and love for the children and encouragement for us to grow spiritually.”

“Thank you for the countless ways you love on our children. May God bless you with abundance through joy, peace and rest! We appreciate you.”

“We thank you so much to make our church a wonderful family for everyone.”

“Thank you for everything you do for my family. My kids are learning so much.”

“Thank you for being real and encouraging us spiritually. You are such a blessing to us!”

“Thank you for all that God has enabled for you to do to support families!

 “Thank you for all you do for our children. You are our blessing! May God continue to bless all you do.”

“Thank you so much for your hard work. Your passion about disciplining their children is indeed transforming our church and community.”

“Thank you so much for welcoming our family to the church and being so patient with transitioning our kids. We feel so blessed to be part of this church! The CE Ministry rocks! Thanks for your awesome work. Praise God!”

“We’ve been so blessed by your energy and love for the children. All the parent trainings, the games for the kids, CE side (renovations), the new Bibles, etc. continually spur us to follow and love our Lord God!"

The Community at Sunset Church, San Francisco