Services for Organizations

Increase your team's potential

Family Connections Coaching has partnered successfully with a variety of businesses, nonprofits and educational institutions to deliver coaching to groups and individuals.

Whether in workshops, courses and seminars - or working one-on-one with executives - the Family Connections Coaching approach can help your team improve performance and achieve their goals.

Please contact me today to discuss your needs and how Family Connections Coaching can make an impact on your employees - and your organization.

I've worked with organizations across San Francisco, Oakland and the East Bay, Peninsula and the South Bay, Marin and the North Bay - and even other states.

Sample Clients

kaiser logo.png

As one of America's leading healthcare providers, Kaiser Permanente is always looking to increase the effectiveness and wellness of its team members. In San Francisco, Family Connections Coaching delivered coaching sessions including:

  • A four-hour long workshop for 40 physicians to strengthen personal goal setting and achievement
  • A 90-minute workshop for physicians and their spouses on how to develop thriving families
  • Three lunch-hour presentations for 25 female physicians, introducing core coaching skills
ok center for nps.png

The leading training organization for nonprofits in Oklahoma regularly engages Family Connections Coaching to deliver individual coaching to executive directors of various organizations, including:

  • A historical museum
  • A regional United Way office
  • An equestrian ranch for those with special needs
  • An organization for urban youth

The Head of the the Chinese Club at St. Cecilia, a Catholic elementary school in San Francisco, chose to engage Family Connections Coaching to deliver a workshop for parents. This focused on key issues in successful parenting over a 90-minute session for 20 individuals.