The Partnership

My Working Relationship with you

The relationship we create will be a substantial commitment to your greatest goals and dreams. We’ll grow your awareness of the highest stakes and outcomes for you. This will greatly enrich your life and empower you. Our objective will be to produce creative, entrepreneurial and extraordinary results. 

What are your dreams, aspirations and fears? Are you ready to stretch your mind, heart and skills? Are you willing to change your role to bring about deeply meaningful outcomes?

Let’s shift from knowing to learning.

Let’s access unrealized potential and experience breakthroughs.

Let’s collaborate to overcome the status quo and become revolutionary leaders!

So, what’s your current situation? What are your immediate goals and problems? What’s really on your heart and mind? What’s the pink elephant in the room? The 800lb gorilla? Is the emperor naked?

Bottom line: our relationship will aim to keep what matters most in focus, and prioritize attention and action to accomplish real outcomes. 

Our relationship will need to be robust so we can build your vision and make it a reality. This will require substantial investment of time and resources. We are aiming at a dramatic difference in your leadership, business performance, and joyous family life. 100% commitment is needed.

I invite you to discover your greatness, to co-create a seemingly impossible future and play a much bigger game than today.


  • Structured commitment of regular calls and/or meetings (weekly or biweekly).
  • BHAG’s (Big Hairy Audacious Goals) - but no pretending things are better than they are; openness to discussing the undiscussable.
  • A life coaching partnership based on both of us exercising vulnerability to build authentic trust.
  • I am solely dedicated to growing your emotional health and dynamic potential to overcome your greatest challenges.
  • As an independent contractor, I work with a healthy distance, protecting your freedom and privacy.
  • If services are paid for by a sponsoring organization, goals can be set by the sponsor.
  • You the client empower the partnership with transparency, a desire to identify what’s most important and a will to move forward towards your preferred vision.

(The Family Connections Coaching Agreement outlines additional parameters of the partnership.)


  • All life coaching is strictly confidential. This is emphasized because of the essential need for trust to fortify the partnership.
  • Life coaching sessions with individuals run 30 to 60 minutes. Group or team coaching runs 60-90 minutes.
  • Frequency of sessions can be weekly or biweekly. Generally, 10 to 16 sessions usually achieve lasting clarity of goals and momentum needed for significant change. Thus, coaching partnerships generally last 6 to 12 months. This is flexible according to the desires and needs of the client.
  • Hours: Tuesdays to Fridays 8am – 5pm Pacific Time.
  • I work with clients all over the San Francisco Bay Area, including clients based in the Peninsula, South Bay and East Bay. I have also worked with clients in other states. To that end, I can work with you in person, by video chat, or phone.

Agreements can be terminated with a two week advanced notice.