"Kept me focused"

I approached Cecil 6 months ago in desperate need to help work on my relationship with my 10 year old son. During these last 6 months, Cecil spent time meeting with my son and me together and separately. He recognized very early on that the issues I had with my son required me to work on myself and he made me realize that I needed to focus on working on the items I say are my priorities. Being a single-mom with 2 young boys and a very high demand job, making time to meet was a real challenge at times. However, Cecil kept me focused and was always very accommodating with meeting with us to ensure that we stayed on track. For our sessions to be more effective, he went over and beyond to meet with us in person during off hours and in different locations that is convenient for us. Now, my relationship with my son has improved a great deal and we are looking forward to working with Cecil on our next set of milestones for the next 6 months.

~ Cindy N., San Francisco, CA

"Asked key questions"

Right from the start, Cecil asked key questions that unlocked new insights into the mind and actions of our preschooler.  His strong understanding of the grace of God our Heavenly Father helped us to see how important it was to express love and empathy to our son while he learns from the natural consequences of his mistakes.  In addition, Cecil’s experience as a parent, educator and parenting coach led him to identify key patterns of our interactions with our child, which led to specific and practical strategies for dealing with challenging situations.

~ Pira & Venus Tritasavit, San Francisco, CA

"Helped me push myself to do better"

“These couple months that I have been through a coaching process it has helped me push myself to do better in my life for my kids and myself.

On each phone call once a week I spoke with my coach who I told my goals & commitments for the week. My goals and commitments were a way to promise myself to better me each week with the help of my Life Coach.

After having a baby it became hard to divide my time between my 2 daughters and my newborn son but during these weeks speaking with my Life coach I have made changes in my life and I notice that I have improved with my 2 daughters relationship, I’m also pushing my self to step out of the house (jail) with my new born to get some fresh air, and I’m exercising for few minutes while my new born is on his 1st nap of the morning.

If it wasn’t for Cecil coaching me these past weeks I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish my goals. Having some one to commit your goals helps to push yourself to accomplish goals you never knew you can do it.


~ A. C., San Francisco, CA

"Cecil helps me reflect honestly"

“After my husband and I lost our expected triplets, I felt my world turn upside down. I quit my job when I was pregnant and felt depressed and unsettled not having a job to go back to.  The life I had envisioned for myself was no longer going to be a reality. I was having a hard time pulling myself out of the emotional wreck I had allowed myself to become.

I’ve known Cecil since I was his student in the 7th grade and have always been intrigued by his love for the Lord. As I transitioned into my new life, I knew I wanted God to be the center of my life.  I needed someone with a strong faith and knowledge of the Word to guide me, so I started working with Cecil.

During our sessions, Cecil helps me reflect honestly on the issues currently impacting my life, guiding me to dig to the core issues that drive my behavior.  The work I’ve done with Cecil has allowed me to become more relational and transparent with myself, others and God.  Cecil helps me develop obtainable long term and short term action plans.  I’m still a work in progress but am on the right path to living the life God has planned for me.”

~ J. C., Southern California

"Very good at what he does"

“Cecil is very good at what he does. I am infinitely closer to my kids and they, in turn, feel open and free to tell me what weighs on their minds. Awesome.”

~N. Y., San Francisco, CA

"CEcil's professional help totally transformed me"

“We have been friends for 6 years. Cecil has passion, care for people, honest and fun to with work with. I am thankful for his professional help in my parenting journey. It totally transformed me and I am able to ‘break through’ my own cultural barrier. Highly recommended.”

~ A. H., South San Francisco, CA