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Growth Centered Family:
A Holistic Strategy for Better Parenting and Family Relationships

Family is number one for most people. Unfortunately, things we make central (consciously or unconsciously)—often get in the way of what matters most.

Why center on growth? It prevents unhealthy centers from developing, i.e. child-centered, fear-centered, performance-centered, activity-centered, work-centered, education-centered, etc. Family life is incredibly dynamic and it takes a lot of wisdom and strength to successfully navigate marriage, parenting, life after kids, and grand-parenting. Being growth-centered doesn't leave this highest priority up to chance.

What is it? It's a family that prioritizes the personal development of every member, not only of the children but primarily the parents. This center fosters healthy leadership.

How do we cultivate this kind of organizing principle? Improve clarity and management of emotions and default beliefs and values. Then create a new way of doing life and family to achieve more of what helps every member thrive.