Getting Clear About Wants And What's Best

Getting clear is so essential, especially when it comes to what we should want for our families. With our demanding careers, busy schedules, children’s education, extracurricular activities, do we really know what we should want for those who are most precious to us? It’s been said that good is the enemy of the best (or somethin’ like that). Good job, good kids, good grades, good life…but what might be the very best? Could we be missing out on it as we strive for the bazillion good things we’re striving for?

In other words, “What’s most important?” We need clarity on our vision and core values. We do this for business. Why don't we do it for our families? We promised our spouses, till death do us part. I hope we never make that vow to our work!

And along the same lines, “What’s most important right now?” Here, we need clarity on our mission. What we do daily that will get us to our vision of the future we desire. Most people only think about the tangibles but if we courageously desire the best, we must give equal or more attention to the intangibles. That won't happen without getting clear about what we want and knowing how to weed out the good to get to the very best.

Get clear about wants
Get clear about wants

I'd be interested in hearing what you think is most important and what's most important right now. No clue? No problem, message me and let's talk.

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