Are you building success that lasts?

It'll depend on aligning what matters most to you with your thoughts and actions. 

Alignment: Essential for lasting success

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Whether it's wheels and tires, school curriculum, personal health, or organizational elements, without alignment, performance, outcomes, and longevity suffer. Most importantly, within our families, we lose affection, connection, and hope.

When anything continually operates without alignment, the wear and tear will take its toll. But with it, things work the way they're supposed to and we can get amazing results.

 And when our soul, body, mind, and will align, watch out; success built to last!

How does does this happen?

Builders of enduring success passionately embrace meaning, thoughts, and actions. They go deep into what matters most, growing knowledge, understanding, and expertise. They allocate time for passions so work doesn't organize life but rather work is organized by life. Builders develop discipline and practices to align all parts of themselves.

Giving alignment highest priority is not a luxury. Rather it is a required commitment to consistently engage to achieve meaningful, long term dreams and visions.

It's about being an agent of generational change. This long-term thinking will require a transformed mind and heart. Being freed from socially conforming pressures is foundational for success built to last beyond ourselves.

And transformation begins with identifying deep painful areas of our life and entering it to understand and manage it effectively and maturely. Doing so frees our heart and passions to be and do what we were made for. But too commonly, we either run away from relational difficulty or we blow it up.

Avoiding or annihilating contention robs us of opportunity to unlock the best ideas and pathways to greater joy and performance.

If we're not passionate and free to disagree, we will not be successful in the long term.

Contention doesn’t become evil unless it is ignored. It is part of a rich collaborative process to build enduring success.

Pain gives us a window into our soul to see what matters most to us. We need that pain to change us, to reshape our hearts.

Lasting success requires knowing what is inside our own skin, especially the subconscious triggers and hidden default beliefs and values that Fccoach2015!! us from healthy pain management. The universal model for lasting success is knowing what behaviors we want for ourselves and our loved ones and consistently aligning thoughts and actions we are sending to ourselves and  throughout our family. Easy to say very difficult to do. Most families never achieve high levels of this kind of alignment. 

What is healthy pain management? Having forgiveness as a central theme and practice. It is the dismissal of what caused the pain. Builders do not focus on blame but focus on what they are building. And in order to be free to build they must dismiss stumbling blocks caused by unforgiveness.

When a judge dismisses a case, it doesn’t mean a crime has not been committed. It doesn’t mean that parties experience resolution. It just means there’s no more prosecution for the crime. This is forgiveness.

Forgiveness calls out the wrong. But then lets it go of desires for punity; it does not hold onto the story and shackling expectations.

And we do this because we are bigger than what happened to us. Love is bigger than it all.

When something painful happens, the question is not who is to blame. The question is who is responsible for what? And I am responsible for building my future.

And if I'm going to build something of lasting value, I have to be willing to put up with grief and difficult emotions that come from failures and humiliations.

This is how we align ourselves. Refusing to acknowledge wounds and weaknesses is the source of tragedy. Acknowledgment and authenticity is the source of wisdom.

The highest most painful level of Innovation is recovering after somebody else’s mistakes. We don't just throw everything away but rather redeem the aftermath. This is actually modeled by God. The Biblical narrative is about the redemption of humankind through the forgiveness of God. His deep conviction from His own identity determined what He did. He wasn't governed by tradition or conventional wisdom regarding success.

Compelled by true love, He engages our failures.  With tremendous patience, He helps us go through painful failures to build lasting success.

Carl Lewis Olympian of the century said you cannot change what you do not acknowledge. So losses, pain, failure, rejection, guilt, shame, loss and trauma, low self-esteem, all need to be acknowledged so that they can be changed. 

The builders thought style is to not dismiss negative emotions, mistakes and failures but to process them and learn from them.

So here are alignment fundamentals: choose healthy pain management, choose forgiveness. In essence, it's choosing to love for better or for worse. This is the only way to develop good hearted stubbornness to achieve greatness that lasts.