Embrace Changing Times AND Timeless Principles

Do 'AND' well.

Go consistently to where real change happens and do what consistently needs to be done.

Evolution happens. Revolution is what we do with it.

phases of growth.jpg

We start with an idea, perhaps a great idea. And as we work on and in this endeavor, problems, challenges, and needs arise. Just like raising a family. 

Hopefully, we engage, solve, change, grow, and thrive. Of course this depends on our solution or better yet, our revolutions. Their effectiveness is determined by how well we adapt to change AND implement timeless principles.

It's critical that we do 'AND' well. We must engage our context meaningfully. But we also must implement unchanging wisdom. And this  'AND' depends on the condition of our souls. Without wellness, we default to fear based responses. With it, we operate from virtue and courage. And this health of the soul is determined by what we do and think on a regular basis and who and how we love consistently. 

When our soul is well, we're ready for change. Change is inevitable and unavoidable. We should welcome and embrace it. And as we do, we will benefit from transitions when we love and work according to eternal, immutable principles. 

Like what?

Knowing and understanding how people function, including ourselves. People (including ourselves) must always be our highest priority. Meaningful  alignment with this timeless principle is reflected in how we and those we care for are doing. And this is not simply about what we do for others. It's much more about the relationships we have with them. When  people are actually valued rather than just notionally, we will commit to figuring out relationship challenges so that it can do its job of maturing those in it. 

And what does that look like?

Improving our relationships with greater exploration and learning about our inner lives. 

And here is where we come to a life and death crux. Are we going to accept this timeless principle of taking 100% responsibility for ourselves or will we operate on something less? 

What does 100% entail?

It's our verbal, mental, emotional, spiritual dimensions, and our energy-filled responses leading us to do things that either grow or kill our souls and even those around us.

When something bad happens, something painful, shameful, and even traumatic, whether by our own doing or others, we are faced with the highly difficult awareness of choosing to accept or reject our needs and realities. Will we be honest, humble, brave, and compassionate?

If yes, our next choice will be what to do about our needs and realities. Will we reach out for help? Will we trust the power of vulnerability? Will we effectively treat injuries and brokenness? Will we root out toxic narratives and dysfunctional loyalties?

Why should we take time and energy to deal with these  intangible, abstract enigmatic, terrible feeling, messy, even horrifying troubles? It's the only way we will become what we can and must in order to fulfill our revolutionary purpose and answer the transformative call of a version of history that makes sense.

Jessi Kolhagan wisely points out, "Part of our human growth is recognizing that all the experiences of our lives are simply mirrored reflections of our own inner landscape." (Read more of her great insights here.) 

If we're not clear about this landscape, this prospect, how will we know where our treasures and resources lie in order to create highways of accessibility? How will we know what needs restoration and reconstruction so we can fortify them and experience their intended functionality? When we take our ownership to the next level, we will change our perceptions. When we change our perceptions, we transform our experiences. Transforming experiences alters direction. Altering direction determines destination.

If we are not heading in a desirable direction, and we don't see ourselves ending up where we want to go, especially with our family, we need to increase our occupation and ownership of our inner potential.

Refuse to do this and expect perpetual frustration and futility. We will continue in dysfunctional cycles, destructive patterns that disintegrate our souls, our families, even our societies.

Every positive revolution we've benefitted from started with a single person's consistent and bold courage to consecutively think and act according to timeless principles while also embracing changing times and contextual trials.

"The personal revolution is far more difficult, and is the first step in any revolution." Michael Franti
Rosa Parks didn't run away from the racism all around her. She knew what was right. She was tired of giving in. She got on the bus. Sat in the 'wrong' seat. And the rest is history. What drove her? Desire for freedom and justice. Yes, timeless principles.

Have you responded to your evolutions with revolutions? If yes, awesome! What will be your next one? Let's chat about your current evolution and explore the revolution that will continue your forward maturation.