Life And Fishing

In a moment, I’m going to share about an exciting new offering. So stay with me and I’ll explain exactly what that is.

It has to do with fishing and living.

fishing and life.jpeg

They're both fun and at times, frustrating. But more importantly, they're about connections.

To connect with fish:

  • Get on a body of water. Obvious right?
  • Determine locations.
  • Decide on a bait to use.
  • Cast to high percentage areas, where fish are likely to hang out, ie. weeds, downed trees, rocks, etc.

To connect with life:

  • We go to various locations, determined by our relationships and responsibilities.
  • We try different things, learn what works, develop meaning, and commit to a particular path to achieve our goals (i.e. land that job, find the love of our lives, become fulfilled).
  • And when we navigate the path of life effectively, we connect with love, the unifying force of the universe. 

But as we all know, connections are not always easy. They can be challenged, threatened and even compromised.

In fishing, weather and water conditions are significant factors; gear can fail; we make ineffective choices on where to fish and what to use. 

In life, relationships and emotions are significant factors we must give attention and priority. If they aren't healthy, it will be difficult for us to become persons who live effectively. Why? They hugely impact our decision making.

To overcome these challenges, we need to be secure connectors, able to help others do the same. This requires experience, education and encouragement.

In fishing, there are a lot of resources for improvement but one of the most helpful and important is time on the water. Information and tools are helpful but the experience you gain from making right and wrong decisions and the results which validate (or not) your decisions  are essential to becoming a better angler. Only on the water can you know what's underneath the surface, from bottom composition, structure, and cover to the presence of baitfish and predatory fish (your target species). With real time data, you make informed choices, casting what you think will work. Getting bit confirms your thoughts and actions. It's all about real time effectiveness.

In the same way, to get better at connecting with life, you need to spend time on the water so to speak. It's not just doing things together. But it's being present in ways that meet the needs of the heart. And this comes from time on the water of one’s inner life. This is how we develop an effective understanding into managing perceptions and perspectives (emotions, narratives, attitudes, beliefs and values). Time on the water is the time you invest to know and lead yourself and to work at lovingly caring for what matters most, your heart and soul.

If you want to better connect with your loved ones, you need to be a healthy presence. To make better choices for long term health and success, you'll need to start with yourself. You can't give what you don't have.

Because challenges in life and fishing are not easily figured out, we need a healthy mind, heart, and soul. This means having an openness to learning from the good and bad. This is how we make better decisionsconsistently synthesizing internal and external factors and meaningfully understanding them. Thus both in life and fishing, ideas, experimentation, data, and results all help us dial into what works to fulfill our hard-wired purpose: loving and being loved.

I want to invite you to an exclusive on-location coaching expedition. We'll spend a day on my boat, fishing and exploring the connections you want to give more attention to. At the end of the day, you'll walk away with your next steps with greater clarity and motivation. If you're interested, message me for more information.

Trip Details:

  • Duration: 7am-5pm
  • Destination: SF Bay Area Freshwater Bodies of Water
  • Activities:
    • Retreat for your mind, heart, soul
    • Coffee and Mapping
    • Determine High Percentage Areas
    • 5 hours of Execution, Experimentation, Learning
    • Synthesis of Connections
    • Identify Next Steps

Looking forward to our time on the water.